We are looking for stylish chauffeur driven cars,  horse drawn carriages  or even helicopters’ to enter this category. Quite simply any form of transport used for the wedding.

To be considered as a possible finalist or winner, you will need to provide the following information within the order it is presented to you below.  Please ensure you answer every point in full so that you qualify as an entry and present your business in the very best possible way. Remember to provide the full name, address and website address of your company.

 All entrants must have been trading for a minimum of 12 months at the time of judging (October 2020) and be based in Essex.

 1.What type of transport do you offer. Please describe it in full.

2. Talk us through all of your transport options, price packages and service.

3. Tell us about the initial consultation with the couple.

4. What additional extras can you provide?

5. Please provide images of your transport, brochures and marketing details and any testimonials you may have





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